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Apart from the main subjects in school, General Knowledge (GK) is included in a child’s syllabus from Class 1. Many schools don’t prescribe a separate book till Class 3, yet include some basic General Knowledge questions in the syllabus. This subject is included with the intention that it is important for students to be aware of the basic static and current affairs. Knowing these static and current topics will help the children to be well aware of his or her surroundings. Apart from being aware, there are other benefits of General Knowledge (GK) too; let’s have a look at them.

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Why is General Knowledge (GK) Important?

Apart from making your kid socially aware, General Knowledge (G.K.) has other benefits too. Most schools include this subject as it is beneficial for the kids in many ways. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Enhances retention power – Trying to retain what they have learned and read the previous day is a tough job for most kids; as a result, most of them forget it. So when it comes to examinations, parents freak out as it becomes a tough job for them to make their kids retain all the information. This is where General Knowledge comes into play! If you develop a habit of reading at least ten GK questions with your kid everyday, it will help them enhance their retention power. You can find a lot of gk questions for kids on our BYJU’S platform. You can play a memory game with all the GK questions that your kid has learned in a day. This memory game will help him to retain information for a longer period of time.
  • Better impression – Nowadays, in most school interviews, children are asked various kinds of GK questions. If you, as parents, want to secure your child’s position in a reputed school, then your child should have a good grasp of GK. Gone are those days when children were asked about their family or themselves. Nowadays, schools want to check that their students are aware of their own country, state, surroundings and other basic static facts. A kid who is aware of his surroundings and can answer the basic GK questions has a better chance of getting into a good school rather than a kid who isn’t socially aware.
  • It makes them ready for quizzes – Have you seen those quiz shows where some kids can answer almost all the questions? Well, this happens because the kid is aware of his surroundings and keeps track of the current facts. Having a good grasp over GK not only helps to build your child’s confidence, but also develops a good co-curricular skill which would help him to go places in future. So, if you want to develop your child’s confidence at a young age, start with the GK!
  • Strong foundation – General Knowledge is a one-of-a-kind subject. This subject encompasses almost all topics of Science, Social Studies, and literature. If a kid develops a habit of reading GK questions on a regular basis, he will develop a strong foundation in all the subjects. It will help them to understand and respond better to the lessons taught in various main subjects. GK also encompasses computer basic questions and answers, which will help the children develop a basic idea about the subject as well as the computer itself!

These are some of the benefits of General Knowledge, but, as a parent, you might think about how to include this subject in your kid’s routine. Well, instead of making them memorize questions, you can turn it into a fun and learning experience. You can go for Memory Games or play Quizzes which will increase your child’s involvement in this subject.

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