5 Out-of-the-Way Places to Check Out in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most interesting cities in the country, offering the opportunity to feel inspired and entertained while still learning something about the world around you. Unfortunately, if you only visit the main tourist destinations, you might feel underwhelmed. These are the best out-of-the-way places to check out in Philly and why they’re a big deal!

1. Wagner Free Institute

If you’re ready for an experience you can find anywhere else, it’s time to stop and check out the Wagner Free Institute! This great science institute and museum offer a lot that can thrill both science and history fans! Not only was this location built in the 1800s, maintaining much of the original charm, but it also offers free classes and has awesome collections of everything from taxidermy to books and more. This is a stop for anyone who wants to learn or feel inspired.

2. Penn Museum 

Penn Museum is best known for how dedicated it is to help further the sciences of anthropology and archaeology. Part of the University of Pennsylvania campus, this has been a hot spot for archaeologists and researchers ever since the 1800s.  

Despite the countless exhibits that call this museum home, they’re organized clearly and make it easy to travel through by going from geographic area to area. This helps history feel like an intricately tied series of timelines instead of a boring lesson.  

3. The Shofuso House

If you need some peace and relaxation after looking at Philadelphia houses for sale, it’s time to stop and visit the Shofuso House! This is the best traditional Japanese garden in North America and offers beautiful plants, buildings, and scenery that feels like it was taken directly from Japan and set here.

This is a great place to stop, catch your breath, and feed some coy fish! 

4. Shane Confectionery

We could all use a sweet pick-me-up, and nobody does that better than Shane Confectionery!   This tasty stop allows you to enjoy edible history while learning about the incredible treats they offer. 

This is the country’s oldest candy store and offers everything from toy candy to lollipops and even house-made chocolates! If you want an elevated candy experience, this is the place to go!

5. The Rosenbach

Just a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square, at home in the heart of Philly, this museum was started as a testamentary gift 70 years ago by the Rosenbach brothers. Since then, this historical museum has grown and become the highlight of the city. Those who aren’t from the area enjoy the massive collection and incredible hands-on tours.

Tours are guided by experts who allow you to get hands-on with history and enjoy the chance to feel everything from the weight of an antique teacup to the feeling of a rare book in their hands.

Philly Can Be Incredible! 

Whether you’re considering moving here or you live here and are curious about what you’ve missed out on, there’s a lot more to this city than cheesesteaks. Stop at some of these destinations, and you’ll have the time of your life!

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