Contemplation And Mantras From A Yogic Perspective

When you start searching for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, or for that matter, any other course in yoga, you will come across terms such as contemplation and mantras. These may be at the bottom of the list, but yoga without these aspects will be only half the story. No matter which holistic practice you embrace, it is apt that you should look inward before bring any bodily changes. Contemplative yoga is a separate discipline, but closely aligned to Hatha yoga, or for that matter, other styles of yoga as well. 

Living Yoga School is one of the best schools, which can give your yoga journey a proper direction. Apart from learning and mastering the various yoga styles, you will also get to identify contemplation and mantra chanting. Let us check out the details now. 

What Is Contemplation From Several Angles?

It needs to be mentioned in this context, that Bali is famous for its water sports and activities. And why not, as there are so many beaches there. Explore the never-ending saga of the seas in the heart of Bali. When you practice snorkelling in Bali, you will often be greeted by schools of fish, and that too colourful ones. At that moment, you experience pure bliss. At such moments, you fully start living in the moment, and a stillness thrives. This is one sort of contemplation, although not related to yoga. But you may experience this in natural surroundings, when you head to Bali for your yoga lessons. 

So, let us now sink into yoga, as that is what we were discussing here. You have to look within yourself, no matter which yoga form you are practicing. As you move your body and create shapes, you breathe and teach your mind to stay still. Over time, it becomes a habit, although in the beginning, you will fidget. With yoga practice, you will start seeing your thought clearly and also your worries. At the school, you will not just be a part of the Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, but you will experience bliss from all avenues. 

According to one of the proponents of Yoga, when you practice yoga, you are searching for god. When you learn true contemplation, you actually start seeing the real you. More practice will certainly change your whole existence. Amazingly, if you study the field deeply, you will understand that, yoga is described as a self-study or svadhyaya.  It means that as you proceed through the lessons, you learn about yourself. 

At Living Yoga School, the teachers will explain their experience of learning yoga. It is mainly based on their practice. It will be a lot more interactive, than you think. You will definitely learn about the technical details, but that is just one part of the whole thing. Yoga in itself is a deeply meditative practice, as it concerns the effects on the mind. As you work your way through the asanas and breathing, these actually start working on your psyche. Moreover, you will study Patanjali’s Eight-fold path, which clearly explains what habits you should inculcate, and what you should omit from your lives. 

Learning Mantras – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

You will learn about various mantras as well, as a part of yoga. When you start each day at the yoga school, you start with the opening chant. 

  • It goes like this,’ Om Sahana Vavatu… Sahana Vunaktu….’ You are praying to the creator to nourish you and fill you with strength. And, all you demand is peace. 
  • Om is a universal sound, which is repetitive and cosmic in its own right. It is also the sound of immortality. Moreover, it is associated with the creator of yoga, Lord Shiva. It helps you to identify the values that you are supposed to develop in a lifetime. Yoga is just the vehicle. 
  • Gayatri Mantra is yet another mantra, which you will learn about, in the sphere of yoga. It reflects the unity of the divine spirit. 

You will learn how mantra chanting deepens your yoga practice. The main aim of yoga is not just to be in good form externally, but also to develop infinite thinking. You should do each yoga asana, while keeping in mind the ultimate aim, and not whether it is correct or right. 

Yoga brings about the ultimate union of the senses to be exact. 

The Power Of Chanting 

You will also study about the power of chanting in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. While chanting, you are syncing your thought waves with those of the universe, to be true. Sanskrit language in itself is a religious language, which the seers in the past used. This language is also the language of the gods, in its raw form. 

  • You will be amazed to know, that each letter in Sanskrit is an energy centre. It affects the chakras of the body. Sanskrit chants activates various energy centres of the body. Moreover, they also have a soothing and healing effect. 
  • When you practice group chanting in the evenings, it also brings in positive energy. You along with the other students, chant in one rhythm. All the minds become one. 
  • You can dissolve all the senses when you do chanting in the right manner. The mind also syncs with the universe. Chanting is best described as the yoga of the mind. 
  • You can chant anywhere, at any time, unlike other yoga activities, that you must do empty-stomach. Moreover, you can get the best benefits if you chant in the right ambience. Living Yoga School offers you the right ambience. 
  • The chants’ positive connotations multiply, when you chant in holy places. And, Bali has no dearth of them. You will see monasteries and temples, at every corner in Bali. 

Final Words 

Make the right decision to learn yoga in Bali today. We assure you, that you will never look back. Yoga is an activity of contemplation and divinity. It is best practiced under experts. 






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