How To Draw Traffic On Stage With Step By Step

Of course, to write a sophisticated oil painting only by a true master. However, even the beginner’s artist in the first drawing lesson can understand how to draw traffic. For many children, he was the chief assistant on the road.

Every child is interested in the opportunity to learn to draw. It would help if you started drawing ideas for the most simple things. What could be easier than to learn how to draw with a light pencil?

how to draw traffic

It will help if you bring it with pencil drawings to master more complex skills. After all, the most sophisticated drawing equipment – is the use of colors. Engaging lessons can inspire children and introduce them to the fascinating world of different shapes and images.


Step 1:

Draw an auxiliary line of traffic. Then, applying a ruler, draw a vertical line. Then the top sheet should draw a vertical rectangle. From this bottom of the sheet downward swipe pencil is a very long and narrow rectangle.

Then place a rectangle inside the top three of the same square to fit the size, not speaking for the border sheet. After that, inside the squares need to outline three circles of the same diameter. This will subsequently skylight your traffic.

Step 2:

Now draw the edges. They should be located on the borders and have a slightly rounded shape. We need to remove all three components of the traffic light. Many traffic lights are finding at intersections. So the lights should be lit in all four directions. You should only have such a four-light.

It is designing for intersection traffic control. After that, the faces of the visors draw on each side. On top of it will be similar to what a traffic light put on a hat with a round canopy. Thanks to them, traffic lights are well protected from the weather: rain and wind after erasing the auxiliary and central circle lines.

Step 3:

Now, you have to paint the primary assistant on the road. The true light, you can dress up in black, gray, or brown. Of course, the lights you have to paint standard colors: red, yellow, and, of course, green. Now that you understand how to draw traffic. It’s easy and exciting.

how to draw traffic


To work, you need to:

  • Plain white paper or special for emerging artists;
  • Multicolored pencils or markers;
  • Eraser;
  • Any hard surface: a table, a pamphlet, a book.


Many children do not understand how to draw traffic. It’s easy. Be sure to entrust the case to this entertaining your child. For example, to simplify, take a cap from hair styling lacquer or a shampoo bottle.

how to draw traffic

Then attach it to the void sheet of paper. Then circle it with a pencil. It will have the top signal – red.

Slightly more minor in the same way to draw the preform yellow signal to circumferentially contiguous. It remains only to draw a green circle at the bottom. Under the green movement, forget “leg” – like a tree trunk. Give your traffic lights a funny look in his eyes and draw a smile. You can also remove his arm and police cap. To take prettification gouache or watercolor paints of respective colors.

Do not mix colors first, red, and then yellow, and, of course, green.

All, now you know how to draw a funny light.


Traffic lights can’t just hang in the air. It regulates traffic. So, in the problem of how to draw traffic, there are additional elements. Try to sketch a simple composition.

It looks like this:

  • Traffic is standing at a crossroads;
  • At the top, the sun rises;
  • Through the sky, white clouds running;
  • On the road going vehicles;
  • On the side of the road grow bushes and trees.

All this is easy to play the role, even a small child up to the task. Now, it is desirable to perform it all in color. Decorate with colored pencils or paints. Accurate, nicely turned out?

how to draw traffic

In this article, you read how to draw a traffic light beautifully and smoothly. It is one of the most simple designs, which is suitable to handle even the youngest artist. This figure will enjoy your baby.

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