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How to wash a double jogging stroller

How to wash a double jogging stroller

If you have a double jogging stroller, it is not only important to clean your Double Jogging Stroller but it is also very important to learn how to wash a double jogging stroller. While it may seem simple enough, washing your stroller every few weeks can be a challenge and is well worth the investment. While you would probably not want to purchase a new double jogging stroller every year, every four or five years is a great place to start. While the process of washing the best double jogging stroller is not that difficult, it does take a little bit of extra attention. And we all know how hard it is to keep our favourite items looking new.


The three main ways

There are three main ways to wash a Double Jogging Stroller: using the machine, hand-washing it, or manually washing it. Each method has its ups and downs. Using the machine is easiest and most convenient. However, it is not always convenient for you. In addition to being time-consuming, it requires more detergent and time than just simply hand-washing it. And with most brands, it can be complicated to find the right detergent.


The fastest method

Hand-washing it is by far the fastest method, but it takes more work. You need to load up your wash load and then load up your dryer. This means that you will be leaving your stroller out in the open or worse yet, in the direct sunlight. If this isn’t an option, you will need to dry it on a hanger.


Hand-washing it

The next option is hand-washing it. Again, you will have to make several trips to the washroom. First you will need to load up your dryer, which again will take a lot of space or if you have one, it will require setting it up in the sun to dry. Then you will need to load up your detergent, again taking up space or if you have one, setting it up near the dryer so that it is close at hand when you need it. Finally, you will have to get into the stroller, hang it down and start running.


Using a steamer

Another method for cleaning is using a steamer. This is one that you will have to rent or borrow from someone. The only problem with this is that the price will be quite high. It also is very time-consuming to set up, especially if you are using it at home.


Use a dryer vent

One way to get around this and still be able to dry your stroller is to use a dryer vent. This will allow the exhaust to escape while the stroller remains plugged into the dryer. You do need to set this up properly or you can have problems with smoke coming out of your stroller. The other downside to this method is that you will need an outlet in your home for this to work correctly. If you cannot find an outlet, this is another method that you might want to consider.


Do the cleaning yourself

You may also decide to do the cleaning yourself. This is not something that you should do without proper instructions. You don’t want to end up hurting yourself while trying to clean a double jogging stroller. Be sure to follow all directions carefully and it should go relatively easy for you.


Use vinegar and water solution

Now, you might wonder how to wash a double jogging stroller without getting burned. One thing you can try is a vinegar and water solution. This is a great idea that will work. What you do is take a cup of vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. You then spray the entire inside of the stroller with the vinegar and let it sit overnight. Also if you want to know more you can read online about it more.








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