Top Company Development Tips in 2021

Buyers are always interested in the ratings of the best company development, and this is natural. Before such a crucial step as buying an apartment, we want to know: which developers are the best and most reliable?

The reliability ratings of developers are not always objective, and each resource composes it based on different criteria. We’ll look at two ratings you can trust.

Rating of Developers According to Some Resources

A single resource for apartment development is the most complete database of new buildings. The ratings of this portal are the most reliable. If you do not want to run your company anymore then hire timcole to strike off your company under the law.

The site publishes ratings of developers in Singapore according to three characteristics:


  • Current construction volume

  • Housing commissioning volume

  • Consumer qualities of LCD

You can also see the assessment of each developer in terms of compliance with the declared terms of housing commissioning. For example, Meridian’s score is 4.5, which is better than most companies.

Top Rating of the online service

Online services according to the company’s portal that get to the top after they are checked by secret buyers and independent experts.

They were rated excellent and entered the Top 5 developer companies.

How to understand that the developer is reliable?

Everyone wants to buy an apartment only from the most reliable developer, so we love to look for all kinds of ratings and ratings. Do not shift the responsibility for choosing a developer-only to ratings; assess the situation sensibly yourself. For this, you can prepare a checklist on how to check the reliability of the developer. 

Projects of the best developers at the Real Estate Show

Anyone who has ever faced the purchase of real estate had to solve a large number of issues on their own. How to choose a developer, who of them you can trust, and many others.

Today, the process of acquiring a new building can be simplified and you can answer all your questions in just four days by visiting the exhibition “Real Estate from Leaders”

Why go to the Real Estate Leaders Show

Sales offices of all the largest construction and real estate companies were opened at the Real Estate from Leaders exhibition: a white list of developers, real estate agencies, and banks, which have more than 300 residential complexes in the Singapore region in their portfolio.

By visiting the Real Estate from Leaders exhibition, you will be able to easily compare developers, as companies that can afford a large advertising budget are participating in it. The larger the stand area, the correspondingly larger it is. It will not be difficult to choose the right one for yourself!


In addition, at the exhibition, you can get special discounts or bonuses from developers and banks, get the advantages of choosing an apartment at the start of sales, learn about future and construction projects first-hand.

But this is not all the advantages of the exhibition!

You can also meet at seminars with marketers and heads of sales departments of developers, learn a lot of relevant information that you will not find on the Internet, and will not get in a conversation with managers.

Register Yourself

Do not forget that to get to the exhibition you need to register on the website and get a free ticket for every day!

What is it for you? The place where you grew up and have many memories of? Or is this place so familiar to you that you can walk through it with your eyes closed? Or is it a familiar environment and kind neighbors that you yearn for away from home?

We know that the best houses in the world are not only and not so many stylish interiors or contemporary architecture. For accounting purposes, hire the best accounting company in Singapore for best growth. It is about people and the life that they lead within the walls of these houses and outside them. That is why, creating houses, we are inspired by people and the idea of ​​cordiality and goodwill.

Mortgage Apartment in a New Building

Buying your first apartment with a mortgage is always stressful. After all, you must choose a place where you will live for many years. But the reality is that during the construction of the house.

Your priorities and understanding of comfort may change, you may even see another residential complex of your dreams. But what to do, because you already have a mortgage apartment on your shoulders, for which you have to pay a loan every month for another 20 years?


Not a problem! This apartment can be easily sold and the remaining money can be used for a down payment to another apartment. After all, your apartment under construction has already grown in price by 99% and the first installment for the next object has become an order of magnitude higher. Today we will tell you what steps you need to take for this.


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