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Understanding Education Astrology And Its Merits

The importance of education astrology is to know what the future holds for the student. A student may be very creative and intelligent, but their career must align with their planets to find success. This article discusses what you need to do if your child is starting school or college!

Many parents want their children to start their education career in school or college this year to have a promising future. So they must know how to ‘woo’ the stars by knowing the correct time and date for auspicious events like admission ceremonies, examinations etc.

Some people might make a mistake because they try everything on an auspicious day. Without realising that all those efforts would have yielded nothing. Education horoscope is based on the moon sign, which can be divided into three parts for education purposes:

  • Education and general knowledge – 3rd house and its lord
  • Higher education and profession/job – 7th house and its lord
  • Authority figures associated with the career – 10th house and its lord

For example, if a native is born in Pisces Moon sign, they would have planets around 3 degrees of Capricorn as per Education Horoscope. So their admission ceremony or higher studies will begin from 4 degrees or 8 degrees of Capricorn. It will be better to avoid those dates because the Saturn transit effects would come into play, preventing them from gaining anything from those events. That’s how education astrology works.

What does education astrology reveal?

Horoscope education for your child is essential. However, it is to be noted that education astrology determines the natural talents of man and how he/she may utilize his skills in life.

Education can be divided into four stages: 

1) Elementary education (6-12 years),

 2) High school or Secondary Education (12-18 years), 

3) College Education (4+ years after high school), 

4) Professional Education (after college).

Education horoscope tells us about one’s capabilities and chances of success at each level of education and its possible future careers in education. A child’s future depends upon the Education horoscope, especially when they have to opt for Science or Commerce Stream or Arts Stream. Hence, it is advisable to study a person’s education horoscope, which is called education astrology prediction, and know about his/her career accurately.

Education horoscope is prepared and analyzed based upon the education birth chart (or Education Kundli ). Education stars or education bhavas play a vital role in determining the success of students at each stage. Planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are responsible for your education capabilities/competencies, education level reached and education performance.

Weak or wrong placement of these planets may lead to bad results. Hence knowledge of education astrology is essential for parents who wish that their children have a successful life through proper education.

Education astrology is a branch of Vedic astrology. In a study of 400 students in India, it was found that Education horoscope reading is the most preferred counselling method. In another study carried out in Maharashtra, Education horoscope reading was the most preferred counselling method by students. Education horoscopes are also utilized for educational counselling. 

The importance of education horoscope as a part of education astrology 

The importance of education is tough to measure. Education plays a significant role in all fields, and societies seem to be getting connected more and more. Education has many aspects that can vary from financial status, social status, emotional well-being, and so on. It brings with it independence, self-confidence, and the ability to adapt oneself to a changing environment at ease.

Education horoscope gives an idea about the person’s personality as well as their capabilities towards education. Education makes a person aware of his skills and areas where he needs improvement or guidance on managing them better for success in life. 

There are various facets of astrology, but some important ones among those are education horoscopes. This can be used for guidance on how to handle the education process of different age groups. It mainly depends upon the interaction between the planets, which are responsible for shaping an individual’s life. Education Horoscope is also used to check compatibility between two individuals and their personalities about and Learning aspects.

Horoscopes play a significant role in our everyday living, and we need not prescribe words like ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ since it acts as guidelines and helps us inform decisions about what lies ahead in our lives. Various fields need attention, such as finance, marriage, etc., but the education horoscope can provide information regarding career prospects after Education and other factors related to education.

Knowing about education astrology in a nutshell and why to use it

Education horoscopes are very important in the life of a student. Education astrology describes an individual’s capability to study, their potential in the field of education, periods for good marks, weak periods during exams and best educational institutions according to their natal chart or Education horoscope. 

The education horoscope may be based only on the time of birth or place of birth, date of birth, or all three. Education astrology is beneficial for aspiring students who want to learn more about themselves through their Education horoscope before choosing the institute they will study. Education astrology also helps parents to select suitable institutions after consulting with an action astrologer.

According to education in astrology, there are specific points related to each planet that influence students’ performance. Education horoscope tells us about an individual’s potential in different fields like sports, music, dance, art etc. Moreover, education astrology helps to understand the planetary influences and provides remedies for better education results. It can be accessed by parents also who would like to know about their educational performance at their school or college level.

Retired people can also opt for this service to determine how their planets influence their children’s education. They will get a complete analysis of planetary influences on a child’s education, including the weakness of each net on educational institutes. 

Regular study is required even after passing 8th class due to competition in higher Education so both parents and students should follow a regular education routine daily with no miss in between. Education astrologer is helpful for students preparing for competitive exams. 

Education has been divided into three different types: 

  • vocational education, 
  • general education and 
  • higher education. 

Education is mainly based on your online horoscope prediction, and it can be studied according to one’s Moon sign and Sun sign.

The horoscope of education as a part of education astrology depends on various things

There are manhattans while ch affects a person’s profession and destiny. Education plays a significant role in the life of people. It determines what kind of work we will do for our living. The livelihood or occupation that we choose for ourselves. 

The most important thing is determined by the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury. It concerning the study period of any person. The position and strength of these planets decide what kind of profession or occupation one will excel in.

Planets, stars and other heavenly bodies are the main objects which everything that occurs on this earth. Education is also based on a horoscope like other life issues. It has a powerful impact on our future life. Education horoscopes can be studied according to the study period (time). When you start studying for your examination! i.e., at age 6 to 8 years, 10 to 12 years, 14-16 years, 18-2.ears etc. According to Vedic astrology or the Nadi system, there are 30 different types of education charts or reports available.

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