When To Get Seal Coating?

Asphalt sealcoating is an integral part of an asphalt surface aintenance plan, which includes driveways, parking lots, and roads.

Seal coating protects from weathering’s harm, wear and tear, and oxidation’s negative impacts. Pavement seal coating is one of the ways of taking care of property owners’ property integrity to keep longevity.

Newly Constructed Asphalt:

To give the asphalt surface a better-shielded start and later improvement, seal coating is a necessary action that should be taken immediately. Applying a seal coat immediately after the installation of asphalt provides the surface with a sealing layer.

This delays premature deterioration and ensures a long life. Through the sealing of pores with impermeable asphalt and preventing its degradation from ultraviolet radiation, water, and chemicals, seal coating contributes to strengthening the pavement’s structure and the preservation of its looks for several years

Asphalt Pavements Showing Signs of Aging:

A seal coating of asphalt can be a way to recover an aging surface with fading, cracking, and other imperfections which can lengthen the life of the element. Seal coating not only restores the dark and rich color of asphalt but is effective in filling in small-scale porosity surfaces, such as hairline cracks and fissures.

Through sealing the surface, moisture ingression is prevented, the deterioration rate is slowed down, and it will be unlikely to have those costly repairs or replacements.

Every Few Years as Preventive Maintenance:

As a part of a reactive maintenance strategy asphalt surfaces should be sealed coats every few years to avail the surfaces their structural integrity and attractiveness. Routine seal coating is taking place that helps to avoid premature wear and damage by sealing the surface and providing a barrier to outside elements.

Through the measures of regular seal coating, property owners can prolong asphalt pavement lifespan, their repair requirements, and, thus, their financial investment in the future.

Following Repairs or Resurfacing:

Whenever crack repair or surface restoration is carried out on asphalt pavement, seal coating should be applied to protect the recent cracks or surfaced areas.

The top coat treatment acts as a cap for the fixed sections and the surrounding surface, making them look uniform and undisturbed. Further, seal coating can increase repair durability and longevity since the water penetration is blocked and the threat of future damage is diminished.

Before Harsh Weather Conditions:

Asphalt coating must be applied before the first frost or when rainy seasons start as asphalt surfaces are then exposed to freezing-thawing cycle alternation, moisture penetration, salt, or chemical sensitivity.

Asphalt sealing must be done before harsh weather which can boost the asphalt surface resistance to wear and tear of weather elements and pothole formation.


To shield and maintain asphalt surfaces throughout their lifespan, which begins with construction and ends with the completion of routine maintenance and repairs that may be necessary, asphalt sealing coating is vital.

With the recognition of the indications and circumstances that prompt seal coating, property owners can guarantee the durability and longevity of their asphalt pavement in addition to maintaining its great appearance, thus saving time and money that might otherwise get spent on expensive repairs and replacements.






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