React Or Angular: Which Should You Learn?

Following a developer’s study of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, their biggest challenge is to choose and learn a framework (or library). These are React and Angular, two of the most popular ones currently being used. Most companies prefer to hire developers with experience with these technologies, but many developers have a hard time choosing one between the two. But the question is, whether it is the React JS certification you want to go for or the angular training?

We Can Compare The Two In The Following Way:

· UI Library Vs. MVC Framework

While React is a JavaScript library, Angular is a full-featured framework. As a framework, Angular has many packages you can use to build large applications. They all come out of the box. React needs to be augmented with different libraries to become as powerful as a full-blown framework, such as Redux, MobX, React Router, and so on.

· JSX Vs. Templates

React uses JSX, while Angular uses HTML templates. JSX is short for JavaScript XML, which allows JavaScript files to use XML-like structures. JavaScript allows you to write layout logic, which is quite powerful. Developing components in React is faster, and then reusing them is easier.

· JavaScript Vs. Typescript

It was created by Brendan Eich of Netscape in 1995 and conforms to the ECMAScript Specification. JavaScript is the programming language of the web, used everywhere in web applications. Microsoft developed Typescript in 2012, which is a superset of JavaScript. The dynamic language is statically typed with some more features like data types, class, interface, namespace, and inheritance. As a result, it is compiled into JS files when it is compiled into JavaScript. As it can throw a compile-time error and is easier to debug, it is a better choice for large-scale projects where you want to avoid errors in the future.

· Mobile Development

Mobile applications can be developed using both React and Angular. According to its syntax, React Native is quite similar to React in how it is used to develop native mobile applications. Ionic, a framework for developing hybrid mobile applications, can be used with Angular. In reality, these resulting applications are simply web apps running inside a native web container, which perform poorly.

  • Learning Curve

Getting a React JS certification, however, isn’t that difficult, since it’s basically a library, rather than a complete package like Angular. Hence, it does not have a steep learning curve like Angular. In comparison to Angular, the documentation for React is more complete and updated.


As a frontend developer, there is no “best” framework or library to master. Consider your needs before choosing the best framework/library. Each has its own tradeoffs, and it all depends on the project requirements, timelines, and goals. For its easy-to-understand concepts and speed, React might be favoured. If you need a full-scale framework for creating large-scale applications with ease, choose Angular. Regardless of which one you choose, both are widely used and supported by large communities around the world.

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